Workshop / audition for a new project


FLAB is searching for collaborators for their new project with working title “PEOPLE WHO SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES”

New project:




The project is based on the long-term experience of the FLAB artists with a diverse group of collaborators. The work will be built on the principles of shared experience and respect for the creative personality of each participant. Through the practical workshops, each artist will introduce specific methods of acquiring text in relation to space and time, sound, music, and video for theatrical expression.


The theme of the project will not be pre-determined and will remain open for experience. Participants are expected to be willing for experimentation, playing, and reflecting on the ongoing process.


Key words for the creative process: Sensitivity / Memory / Respect

Everybody, regardless of their age, education, profession, cultural background, nationality, can apply to participate in the project.


The first phase of the process will take place in March 2020. The process will start with theatre workshops that will be held during four weekends in March. Artists will invite participants into the process of open creation. Participants will be provided with “tools” for their own artistic discoveries. These artistic tools will be specified by the focus of each FLAB artist: sound, multimedia, viewpoint technique, and light.


Participants are not expected to pay any fee for the workshops they will attend in the initial phase of the project. Only participants selected by FLAB artists will continue to take part in the second phase of the project, which will be held in May 2020. The second phase is expected to evolve into an artistic creation, in close collaboration with FLAB artists and the selected participants. Participants will receive monetary compensation starting from the second phase of the project.

The resulting artistic creation is expected to premiere in fall/winter 2020 at Archa Theatre.

How to apply: People who are interested in taking part in the project should send a letter of motivation, CV, time periods that they are available and additional specific information, if necessary, until 15th January 2020.

Please send your applications to Romana Sekáčová:


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