Music Composer
& Sound Designer

Jana Svobodová

Theatre director, researcher, teacher

In 1987 Jana graduated from Prague Theatre Academy. Her early artistic experience was influenced by artists like Peter Schumann in the US, Min Tanaka in Japan and later by Anne Bogart and her Viewpoints method. As a director Jana Svobodová creates projects that are based on cooperation between professional artists and representatives of specific social groups. She has collaborated on different projects with residents of South African townships (Secondhand Twilight,1997-2005), with the asylum seekers in the refugee camps in Czech Republic (At 11:20 I Will Leave You!,2003-2005), the hip-hop and graffiti community (SenAnderSen, 2004-2008), the Roma community (Matters-Doesn't Matter, 2012), various communities in the USA (Lost and Found, Pittsburgh US, 2014; New Bohemia, Cedar Rapids Iowa, US, 2016) and others. Her productions have been presented at festivals in the Czech Republic and internationally. Documentary films Come Closer, Candy (2005) and I Will Have a Beautiful Life! (2006) by filmmaker Pavel Koutecký reflect her theatre work. She is the artistic director of the Akcent– International Festival of Documentary Theatre and cofounder and teacher of the International Summer School of Theatre in Social Context, member of the FLAB collective. The performance Ordinary People she co-directed with Wen Hui will be presented at the main program of Festival D’Avignon 2019 and festival D‘Automne in Paris 2019.

Jan Burian Jr.

Music composer and sound designer

Jan is a Prague-based music composer and sound designer who collaborates with various filmmakers and theatre artists from the Czech Republic and abroad (Min Tanaka, Peter Schumann, Petr Nikl, Archa Theatre etc.). He has been working long term with therapist Marie Madeira and created music accompanying her books. He composed and recorded music for films by P. Koutecký, V. Švankmajer, M. Mareček and several films restored by the National Film Archive of the Czech Republic, for example complete filmography of the first Czech filmmaker Jan Kříženecký. He is a founding member of the Kyklos Galaktikos and “tyto alba” bands. Jan lectures at the International Summer School of Theatre in Social Context in the atelier of sound and music. He is a member of the FLAB collective.

Jaroslav Hrdlička

Multimedia and video art specialist, game developer and animator

Jaroslav graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the Atelier of New Media. Since 2005, he has been experimenting at the intersection of video and theatrical language. Besides collaboration in many theatre projects, he is also involved in fine art, music, videogame industry and animated movies. He is a member of the project Kyklos Galaktikos, a part of Paperash Studio and and member of Flying Laboratory of Theatre Practice (FLAB). He has also worked for institutions such as Czech Television, Czech Statistical Office and Prague Institute of Planning and Development. His works were exhibited in galleries such as Kuenstlerhaus Bregenz, Langhanz Gallery Prague, GVU Ostrava and MGML Ljubljana.

Romana Sekáčová

Production Manager & Coordinator

Romana graduated from Film Studies at the Masaryk University in 2009. She has been working in film and theatre production since 2007. She cooperated with Theatre Goose on a String (Husa na provázku) as a production manager for festivals Night of the Tumblers (Noc kejlířů) and Theatre in Motion (Divadlo v pohybu VIII.). She worked in production of the Czech National Television documentary series Children of Stalinism(2010). She has been active in Czech diplomacy in the US during years 2002-2007 while promoting Czech culture at Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles, California. She has helped to bring back cultural and social life to the historical Czech National Building in New York after decades of inactivity. She organised many events and happenings in the historical cultural centre during the years of its overall reconstruction. Besides her collaboration within theatre projects, she is engaged in sewing her own line of design clothing. 

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